MSI Z77-GD65 in pretty pixels

A few weeks ago a site PCGH published pictures of MSI production Z77-GD65, because we are just a few weeks from launch, let's remind them. The only difference from the retail version are used coils, that golden ones looks really crazy.

Core i7-3770K Ivy bridge @ 7 GHz!

Screens above is from January, E0 revision chip (stepping 8) submitted by some "unknown" OverCloker and published now on BSN. Here you have better picture above. And performance? - Take a look ..

LucidLogix Virtu MVP tested!

You may know LucidLogix wants to launch new Virtu Universal for Intel and AMD and Virtu MVP. This technology has been already announced several months ago, but on the market will be in April with Ivy Bridge launch. We show you if it works and some exclusive pictures.

Exclusive: Info about Nvidia Kepler!

GeForce GTX 680 will be launched in March/April. In February, will be launched only GeForce GTX 560SE. The first cards based on Kepler architecture are GeForce 600 not 700! .

Real Kepler, GK107 tested and pictured!

Everything seems legit, device ID is 0FD1, it is right ID for N13P-GT SKU, look at this old S/A table. Enjoy, especially 384 CUDAs :)