MSI Z77-GD65 in pretty pixels

A few weeks ago a site PCGH published pictures of MSI production Z77-GD65, because we are just a few weeks from launch, let's remind them. The only difference from the retail version are used coils, that golden ones looks really crazy.

Core i7-3770K Ivy bridge @ 7 GHz!

Screens above is from January, E0 revision chip (stepping 8) submitted by some "unknown" OverCloker and published now on BSN. Here you have better picture above. And performance? - Take a look ..

LucidLogix Virtu MVP tested!

You may know LucidLogix wants to launch new Virtu Universal for Intel and AMD and Virtu MVP. This technology has been already announced several months ago, but on the market will be in April with Ivy Bridge launch. We show you if it works and some exclusive pictures.

Exclusive: Info about Nvidia Kepler!

GeForce GTX 680 will be launched in March/April. In February, will be launched only GeForce GTX 560SE. The first cards based on Kepler architecture are GeForce 600 not 700! .

Real Kepler, GK107 tested and pictured!

Everything seems legit, device ID is 0FD1, it is right ID for N13P-GT SKU, look at this old S/A table. Enjoy, especially 384 CUDAs :)

čtvrtek, 29. března 2012

Non-reference GeForce GTX 680 - Power Target +50% and Turbo OFF!

Original reference GTX 680 has Power Target max 130%, max voltage is 1.17V and GPU Boost is still active. But some upcoming non-reference cards has more better features! Power Target 150%+, GPU Boost OFF and Higher Voltage!

On GeForce GTX 580 does not increase voltage through I2C commands to Buck controller, but through the BIOS. The same applies to the GeForce GTX 680, for higher voltage is necessary new or modified BIOS. The best thing there is possibility to off the GPU Boost, it also can be done in the BIOS. GPU Boost value is simply set as Base clock value... this possibility, some non-reference cards will have!

středa, 28. března 2012

Kepler GK104 (GTX 680) vs Tahiti XT (7970) clock to clock comparision

Look at this comparision, clock-to-clock GK104 and Tahiti XT chips. Where is better HD 7970 a where GTX 680? - Some numbers are really interesting ... enjoy!

Setup: Core i7-3930K @4.7 GH, Asus Rampage IV Extreme, 8 GB DDR3-2400 MHz Kingston, Antec HP-1200W. Drivers Catalyst 12.3 + GeForce 300.10.

3D Mark Vantage + 3D Mark 11 - Extreme Preset, 1920x1200 (1080)

Heaven 3.0 - 2560x1600 Tesselation Disabled, 4xAF + 4xAA, 1920x1200 Tesselation Extreme 16xAF + 8xAA

Crysis Warhead - 2560x1600 Enthusiast, DX10, 4xAA

PS. Radeon has 384-bit membus, on 4 GHz is bandwidth the same as GeForce 6 GHz on 256-bit membus. In table is 4 GHz for equal mem bandwith comparision, with this bandwidth is Tahiti shit, worst then GK104. But with huge mem bandwidth 6 GHz (on 384-bit) is far better then GK104. But this is not default clock ... In effectivity point of view is GK104 far better then AMD chip. Smaller, lower power consumption with the same performance.

neděle, 25. března 2012

Best Oced Radeon HD 7970 Lightning vs reference GeForce GTX 680, GeForce wins!

Finest Radeon HD 7970 on the market, highest clock, best VRM, great features, this is MSI HD 7970 Lightning. Factory clocked 1070/5700 MHz. Better cooler, unlocked BIOS (no PowerTune), special GPU Reactor caps card. This card looks really cool ... but ...

Againts that MSI monster we have here pure reference design of GeForce GTX 680 from Asus. Clocked 1006/1100 GPU Boost and 6 GHz memories. Which is better in overclocking/performance? Results ...

GeForce GTX 680, no voltage tweaks, only ocing out of the box: 1250/6400 MHz ...

MSI Radeon HD 7970, no voltage tweaks, only ocing out of the box: 1200/7000 MHz

GeForce GTX 680 at max, 1.18V - 1325/6600 MHz

MSI Radeon HD 7970 Lightning on max, 1.35V - 1300/7600 MHz

Score/Performance is +/- the same. BUT, Radeon is noisy as HELL with Power consuption with 1.35V (whole PC) 546W in that benchmark. GeForce GTX 680 with cheapo reference cooler is colder and still silent card. Power Consuption of GTX 680 at 1.18V (whole PC) is only 383W!!!. GeForce is winner here, the same performce with 163W better power consuption ... when reference GTX 680 better then best HD 7970 on market, imagine GTX 680 Lightning with better VRM ... will be absolute monster.

Setup: Core i7-3930K (4,7 GHz), Asus Rampage IV Extreme, 8GB DDR3-2400 MHz CL10, Antec 1200W, Catalyst 12.3, GeForce 300.99

čtvrtek, 22. března 2012

Interesting Dual Card exposed ...

Unknown sender sent me a small picture (mybe legit maybe not), i only enlarged it here. Quality is bad, but we can see something on it. I do not know what kind of card it is, but I think it could be a dual GeForce. Source says: Eight memories per core (on both sides), 2x 8pin + 2x 5-phases VRM, many CUDAs, one SLI connector, variable TDP, powerfull card ... more details soon!

Haters gonna hate! (Part Two)

At 14:00 rang here some DHL Guy and dropped here a Retail Box ... enjoy!

I have at my CAVE, 2x GeForce GTX 680 now. One from Nvidia, one from shop and one Radeon HD 7970 Lightning... which is the best? I know it, you will know it soon too!

středa, 21. března 2012

Official GTX 680 video promo leaked! Enjoy great stuff!

Thanks to leaker, Mobilbetta ... enjoy!

Cena GeForce GTX 680 potvrzena, připravte peněženky!

Tak je to pomalu tady, většina velkých českých eshopů budou mít kartu v čas uvedení skladem za cenu jež jsem vám už naznačil dříve. Sledujte zejména CZC, Alfu, Alzu a další obchody. Karet bude dostatek, k obchodníkům jich míří stovky ... ale jak říkám, až uvidí zákazníci výkon - budou ihned pryč, proto buďte rychlí!

Haters gonna hate! (Part one)

Something tasty is here, best factory Oced HD 7970 ever. But wait until tomorrow, i will show you maybe something much more tasty and green. Today is still NDA, but tomorrow will can show you sweet Retail Box with something great ...

úterý, 20. března 2012

AMD in shit again, Radeon HD 7970 totally defetaed ... by smaller chip with 256-bit membus

One big media accidentally released complete Review of new Kepler card, and results are GREAT! Look at reaction of forum guys ...

Ive told ya, in january ... Kepler is a BEAST!

Retail Core i7-3770K for sale ...

The Ivy Bridge launch is the funniest launch in CPUs history. Everyone have that CPUs at home, my grandma too! But Intel still haunting leakers, delaying reviews ... why? You can buy CPUs everywhere, in China are Retail for sale ...

pondělí, 19. března 2012

APU "Trinity" tested, good GPU, still crappy CPU ...

A10-5800K (Top Trinity model) 23,775 seconds in SuperPi and 4300 CPU Score in 3DMark06 ...

A8-3850 (non Top LLano model), 26 seconds in SuperPi and 3800 points in CPU test in 3DMark06 ...

As i expected, Piledriver is the same crap as Bulldozer is ... ive told it you last year ... GPU working pretty well, but CPU is still shit. AMD is not able to make a good CPU.

Little cooler mystery ...

This is cooler from some unknown graphic card, today is not important name of that card but sign on radiator. Military Class Mainboard? - WTF? - On graphic card? Really interesting ... look at production date of that radiator. They were ready in February :)

neděle, 18. března 2012

Chcete GeForce GTX 680? - Buďte rychlí a budete ji mít za super cenu!

Takhle se teď asi tváří v AMD ... a vydrží jim to celý rok!

Znám českou cenu GeForce GTX 680, a je to bomba. Nížší než všichni tušili a skuhrají po webu, pokud na tuto kartu čekáte - kupte jednu hned z první várky. Startovní cena je významně nižší než v tuto chvíli nejlevnější Radeon HD 7970 na českém trhu! Absolutní must-have pro nadšence. Dlouhodobá zkušenost říká, že druhá a další várky karet budou dražší (obchodnící budou chtít vydělat) ... i když Radeony půjdou s cenou dolů a situace se časem uklidní.

pátek, 16. března 2012

AMD paid sites are preparing for Kepler ...

AMD is preparing for defeat, AMD mobilize their servants (paid) sites. They ordered manufacturers (Sapphire, etc) to send out OC edition of Radeon HD 7970 to AMD-fan Web sites to try to distract reviews of Kepler. Just look at AMD servants sites (you know them), OC Edition has already begun to appear there. Its easy to find sites which are under the influence of AMD now. They have now, or will have next week an 7970 OC review ... :)

GeForce GTX 680 tested in China, everything I said, confirmed ...


GeForce GTX 670Ti/680


No vapor-chamber

3DMark 11 results ...


Some screenshot

Source : HKEPC

Everything I said about Kepler in January/February, is now confirmed. This is text from 01/17/2012:

GeForce (Kepler) will be launched in April. In February, will be launched only new cheap GeForce GTX 560. The first cards based on Kepler architecture are GeForce 600 not 700! Who's talking about launching in February, is wrong, this info is based on the old roadmap (from July). According to the last one is launch in April. According the old one, launch was supposed for january/february, now is planned for april.
First VGA based on Kepler - launch April. Performance is unbelievable, this is a new G80. HD 7970 is like a toy against this VGA. Not an updated Fermi but brand new, unseen architecture with many new features. Wait for it, dont buy that Tahiti crap :) You will see soon! Sampling to manufacturers is starting ...
i was wrong only in launch date here.

Text from 01/22/2012No GK110 exists now and will not be long time (summer?), the first Kepler will be a small chip with tremendous power. The first card with Kepler literally crush the Radeon HD 7970, including the OC version! Kepler is not tuned Fermi but a completely new architecture with lots of changes, but you'll see in two months. Do not buy slow Radeon with Tahiti chip now (for that prices), Kepler is completely decimate them and worth the wait, Radeons will be really cheap in April. As I said long ago, middle-class kepler GeForce card easily kills the high-end HD 7970. Really looking forward to April, mainly on the faces of people in AMD :)  again, only April was wrong.

Text from 01/28/2012: It's time to say something new. The first news (if true)is breakthrough new feature for PhysX and CUDA through its processing. If this thing really confirmed, it will be a big bomb. Further information concerning the power consumption to be thanks to the final respin very low. Respin also helped NVIDIA achieve high operating GPU frequency. As for performance, still true that middle-class Kepler card easily beats Radeon 7970 ... true, true

Text from 02/01/2012: Charlie Demerjian knows nothing about Kepler, just speculating. In essence, copied the information from my blog. I first talked about the problems with PCIe 3.0. I talked about the new PhysX feature, a small core with low power consumption. But the truth is different, the source from which he drew (the same as my is faked by Nvidia itself). Kepler has no PhysX block, and its performance is great against Tahiti everywhere - not in games from RG, the performance is still true what I said long ago, an absolute 7970 killer ...

PS. This is last Kepler info here till some chinese real leaks, with spec ... but i can tell you, REAL specs are floating web ... but you have to find them ... :) Closest to truth is this table: but not 100 percents! But very close!

Update: Lenzfire specs are total bullshit, someone from Lenzfire heard any right info, but 99 percent from published spec are BS :)
everything confirmed now :)

Text from 02/04/2012: only in Czech language, most important info is, More CUDAs then GTX 590, brand new architecture, no hotclocks, 256-bit mem bus, 2GB framebuffer, low power consuption, only 6+6 pin psu plugs, small and effective GPU, good price, performance above HD 7970 ... everything right! Before two months!

Text from 02/12/2012 "Gamers" Kepler architecture chip GK104 (photoshoped by someone from GF1xx core, but shows the real chip setup). 4x GPC, 16x SM blocks with 96 Stream processors. Total count of SP/CC is 1536. 128 TMUs, 32 RBEs, 16x Tesselators. PS. ive heard something about launch next month, last week. .. right specs and launch date, with wrong GPC/SM clusters info

Text from 03/05/2012: Charlie Demerjian knows nothing about Kepler, just speculating from his own ass. no launch, everything on SA was bullshit again ... i was right.

středa, 14. března 2012

Jak byl Jirka Brouček v USA

Jirka Brouček švihák ..

Jirka Brouček pochází z velmi skromných sociálních poměrů, dalo by se říci přímo z chudé rodiny. Nikdy v životě nebyl v cizině, pouze jednou od AMD v Německu, nevlastnil ani pas. Jejich rodina nevlastní ani auto, musel jej na letiště vézt jeho kolega z podobné sociální třídy, o čemž hovoří hlavně jeho vůz ... :) Podle jeho vlastních slov, nemá dokonce ani počítač, jen starý a těžký notebook. To odpověděl, když se ho z Nvidie (česky) ptali na čem bude kartu testovat ...

- Tady Jirka nebyl, Alcatraz -

Ještě k jeho vzhledu, když ho lidé z NV viděli, řekli (volně přeloženo): Fuck, co to je? - Ten vypadá, že bere měsíčně tak 70 dolarů. Kdybyste viděli ty boty, zřejmě výpůjčka od dědy, ani byste se nedivili ...

Jirkova angličtina ..

Jirka mluví anglicky hůře než Stach, jeho přítel Google Translator mu na fórech dává auru rodilého mluvčího, realita je jiná. Díky tomu ani Jirka na letišti neporozumněl o čem jsem s úředníkem hovořil, a že ten vyžadoval papírovou zpáteční letenku, s čímž jsem ho vyfakoval a vyřešil to až jeho supervisor, kladně pro mne. Jirka ale vůbec nevěděl která bije ...

Když Jirka přijel na Hotel, jeho angličtina rozkvetla ... Cituji: haj, ajm Brouček, hír ... a podal recepční papírek s rezervačním číslem. Docela úspěšná konverzace, že? Nejlepší byl ale rozhovor (dá li se to tak říci) s nějakým neznámým novinářem na místě. Probíhalo to asi nějak takto: Hi, whats your name? - Jirka! .. and media? - Jirka!, No, whats publication? - Jirka! - Jirka asi pracuje pro magazín Jirka, to zní skoro až "teple" co říkáte?

- Tohle si Jirka nedal, steak s NV -

Jirkova parta

Jirka si také stěžuje, že jsem s ním netrávil více času. Kdo by ale proboha seděl s trotly typu Brouček a Klešťák, že? Jednomu je 18 a druhému sice 28, ale rozumem tak na 18. Já jsem trávil čas ve společnosti inteligentnějších lidí, zástupců NV, kolegy Matuše z SK,dalších novinářů z našeho regionu a dalších zajímavých lidí ...

PS. Psali jste si o Jirku, tady ho máte ... fešák!

úterý, 13. března 2012

Chinese underground unveils GeForce GTX 680 ...

Chinese hardware underground unveils pictures of GeForce GTX 680, and slide with complete specs. We dont know, it is legit, but we are believe will know it very soon ... PS. performance slide floating web now is FAKE!

Source: ChipHell, PCOnline

čtvrtek, 8. března 2012

Taková malá glosa, pro pobavení ..

Zde malá glosa pro pobavení, nemohl jsem si pomoct. Když nám ukázali výkon "K" proti 7970 tak panu Nobody-X zaskočilo, když pak řekli pracovní frekvence a možnosti přetaktování, orosilo se mu čelo. Když dále ukázali nové featury, udělalo se opravdu mdlo ... ale když nakonec řekli počet tranzistorů a velikost čipu, tak omdlel a už se neprobral ... jeho svět se zhroutil.

Už brzy se budeme smát těmto idiotům: DOC Zenith (všeználek co nikdy neví nic), maltra (chudá opice které se vysmějeme nejvíc), samozřejmě Kratěna, StacHUJ (ten také okusí) a další cyhtrolíni, kterým brzy dost zmehne ... :) Mám všechny jejich moudra zálohované pro účely budoucího pobavení, a to přijde brzy ..

THIS IS SPARTA!, ehm .. Kepler!

Those Chinese guys, it seems this is the first real photo of upcoming GeForce GTX 670 Ti. Sparrows on the roof twittering us something about this card, can be a best-seller, especially because of its price.

Source: 中国

středa, 7. března 2012

Great week in San Francisco ...

From our special correspondent from San Francisco: Something big is planned for this week in SF, most important journalists are there, and not just because iPad3 or GDC show. We believe that behind all this will be something big and green, stay tuned, we will be here with more information soon.

pondělí, 5. března 2012

Jak se prodávají grafiky v ČR, GTX 560 Ti karta roku 2011!

Jelikož mne už zachvátila cestovní horečka, vše je sbaleno a zbývá pár hodin, je čas na trochu malého odlehčení před těžšími tématy následujících dní. Tento článek je určen hlavně českému publiku jež jsou s českým trhem obeznámení. Jak víte, duševně nemocný StaCHUj se nám stále snaží nalhat, že GeForce karty nikdo nekupuje ... já jsem před chvilkou našel obrázek z článku publikovaný v časopise Computer, je staršího data ale poslouží dobře.

Statistiky dodal jeden z největších českých online prodejců s hardwarem. Nejprodávanější grafikou roku 2011 byla v ČR GeForce GTX 560Ti. Prodalo se jich 315 kusů, což je na kartu s cenovkou 4500-5500Kč dost. Nejúspěšnější kartou AMD byl Radeon HD 6850, kterého se ale prodalo +/- poloviční množství (175 kusů) než GeForce. Jde o levnější kartu a stejně se moc neprodávala ... jde vidět, že fandové AMD/ATi spíše kecají v diskusích než kupují ...

PS. Za leden a únor se v ČR prodalo 24 kusů Radeonů HD 7970, GeForce GTX 580 se prodalo 36 kusů a to už dávno není výhodnou koupí, Radeony jsou historicky karty pro socky a ti nedají za novinku 13 000 Kč, a to kdo jsou to ochotní zaplatit raději koupí GeForce. Upřímně těch 24 idiotů co si HD 7970 lituji, za týden cena této karty spadne o několik tisíc ...

Semiaccurate is absolutely wrong about Kepler ... again :)

Charlie Demerjian knows nothing about Kepler, just speculating from his own ass. Today is on S/A this article: Nvidia will ‘launch’ GK104/Kepler/GTX680 in a week

So, when is the GK104/GTX680 going to launch? Late last week, Nvidia sent out announcements to a lot of people asking if they could join the company for the launch on March 12th. Since they mentioned the GTX680 by name in the invites, and sites don’t have cards yet, it looks to be about as ‘real’ as recent AMD launches. No pretty pictures of the invite though, it looks like they once again forgot to send SemiAccurate one, but since we published most of the info a month ago, no big deal.S|A

Everything there is wrong, lets analyze it:

Nvidia will ‘launch’ GK104/Kepler/GTX680 in a week (wrong). So, when is the GK104/GTX680 going to launch? Late last week, Nvidia sent out announcements to a lot of people asking if they could join the company for the launch on March 12th (maybe). Since they mentioned the GTX680 (maybe) by name in the invites, and sites don’t have cards yet (wrong), it looks to be about as ‘real’ as recent AMD launches (wrong). No pretty pictures of the invite though, it looks like they once again forgot to send SemiAccurate one (right), but since we published most of the info (speculations) a month ago, no big deal.S|A

neděle, 4. března 2012

AMD "Pitcairn" GPU, not made at TSMC (Taiwan)?

Look at today launched GPU chip "Pitcairn" in Radeons HD 7800. Its really interesting, they are not produced by TSMC on Taiwan. TSMC has some facility in China mainland, but not for 28nm waffers ... its quite interesteing, where are Pitcairns produced ...?

All GPUs are produced in TSMC taiwan, Pitcairn is "Made in China" ...

Radeon HD 7970 successor - Tenerife XT, Radeon HD 7990 cancelled?

Successor of Radeon HD 7970 has (by that slide - maybe Fake, maybe not) 20 percent higher Compute Power (not gaming performance), based on EGCN (Enhanced GCN) and will be launched Q3/2012 or Q1/2013. Specification: 2304 Stream processors, 384-bit mem bus, 3GB GDDR5 6 GHz. TDP 250W, idle 3W.

Next info is about Dual monster Radeon HD 7990, the original information was, that it will be launched in Q1. From a reliable source I know that AMD still can not produce sufficient cooler for card with higher power consumption than Radeon HD 6990. The card disappeared from the roadmap for Q1 and is not in the Q2 too. It may be completely canceled, or may come out later.

sobota, 3. března 2012

GeForce GT 650M (Kepler GK107) pictured, tested ...

Samsung notebook, look inside ...

384 CUDAs, 128-bit and 2GB Memory
Drivers, 384 CUDAs ...

Details in Driver table

Score in 3DMark ...

Everything seems legit, device ID is 0FD1, it is right ID for N13P-GT SKU, look at this old S/A table. Enjoy, especially 384 CUDAs :)

Source: Chinese PCinlife forum

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