sobota, 19. května 2012

Exclusive: Guide how to disable GPU Boost @ GTX 670/680

Many people complain of GPU Boost, although I do not understand why, but it's true. GPU Boost is a great feature to increase performance, lower power consumption and GPU core temperature. Today we prove that the disabling GPU Boost and stabilization of clocks does not increase performanceonly increasing power consumption and noise of the card! First, let's see how the GPU Boost off.

You need only Nvidia Inspector utility (version and cmd - command line in Windows. At first, look at screens and results, disabling GPU Boost really works!

GeForce GTX 680 at deafult settings, clocks oscillate under load between 1006-1110 MHz. GPU Boost is activated, score in 3DMark 11 is 3305 points.

GeForce GTX 680, GPU Boost deactivated. Clocks are for the all tests still at 1006 MHz. Score is worst, only 3121 points in 3DMark 11.

GeForce GTX 680, GPU Boost deactivated. Clocks are for the all tests still at +/- 1100 MHz. Score is +/- the same as on default with GPU Boost activated. !Card with a fixed frequency 1100 MHz has the same performance as card with GPU Boost activated with max clock 1110 MHz! Disabling of GPU Boost provides no performance benefit, but only a higher power consumption/noise of the card. But look at overclocked results too ...

GeForce GTX 680, GPU Boost deactivated. Clocks are for the all tests still at 1300 MHz. Score is 3713 points in 3D Mark 11.

How to disable GPU Boost

There are two ways to off GPU Boost, first is reduce the Turbo bins in the BIOS or shutdown the highest P-state (GPU Boost pstate) under Windows. First method is complicated and dangerous. The second is a simple and functional. The principle is this: We need to force the card to work on the P-state P2, state for Base clock frequency. That's all.

Go to folder with Nvidia Inspector and run there cmd. Write " ...nvidiainspector.exe - forcepstate:0,2". Thats all. Now you can open Nvidia Inspector and raise clocks for P2 State (as on picture above). GPU Boost is disabled and clock is still on your set value, in every game and test. !You can overclock that GPU Boost off VGA only in Nvidia Inspector, not in Afterburner/Precision. Afterburner/Precision tweaks P-state0 (GPU Boost pstate) with offset, but now we have this P-state off, you have to increase P-state P2 - base clock pstate! Enjoy, and thanks Christian Nay for help ...

PS. Max clock only 1110 MHz in P2 P-State? - Go in Nvidia Inspector to P-State 0, raise the clocks above that 1110 MHz, go to P2 P-State and set required frequency. Then type again " ...nvidiainspector.exe - forcepstate:0,2" in cmd screen.

Hint: You can make an easy batch file with commands for Nvidia Inspector, with Power Target Value, GPU/Mem clocks, Voltage, GPU Boost off. One click, have overclocked card with GPU Boost off. One click back to normal ... enjoy!