pátek, 16. března 2012

GeForce GTX 680 tested in China, everything I said, confirmed ...


GeForce GTX 670Ti/680


No vapor-chamber

3DMark 11 results ...


Some screenshot

Source : HKEPC

Everything I said about Kepler in January/February, is now confirmed. This is text from 01/17/2012:

GeForce (Kepler) will be launched in April. In February, will be launched only new cheap GeForce GTX 560. The first cards based on Kepler architecture are GeForce 600 not 700! Who's talking about launching in February, is wrong, this info is based on the old roadmap (from July). According to the last one is launch in April. According the old one, launch was supposed for january/february, now is planned for april.
First VGA based on Kepler - launch April. Performance is unbelievable, this is a new G80. HD 7970 is like a toy against this VGA. Not an updated Fermi but brand new, unseen architecture with many new features. Wait for it, dont buy that Tahiti crap :) You will see soon! Sampling to manufacturers is starting ...
i was wrong only in launch date here.

Text from 01/22/2012No GK110 exists now and will not be long time (summer?), the first Kepler will be a small chip with tremendous power. The first card with Kepler literally crush the Radeon HD 7970, including the OC version! Kepler is not tuned Fermi but a completely new architecture with lots of changes, but you'll see in two months. Do not buy slow Radeon with Tahiti chip now (for that prices), Kepler is completely decimate them and worth the wait, Radeons will be really cheap in April. As I said long ago, middle-class kepler GeForce card easily kills the high-end HD 7970. Really looking forward to April, mainly on the faces of people in AMD :)  again, only April was wrong.

Text from 01/28/2012: It's time to say something new. The first news (if true)is breakthrough new feature for PhysX and CUDA through its processing. If this thing really confirmed, it will be a big bomb. Further information concerning the power consumption to be thanks to the final respin very low. Respin also helped NVIDIA achieve high operating GPU frequency. As for performance, still true that middle-class Kepler card easily beats Radeon 7970 ... true, true

Text from 02/01/2012: Charlie Demerjian knows nothing about Kepler, just speculating. In essence, copied the information from my blog. I first talked about the problems with PCIe 3.0. I talked about the new PhysX feature, a small core with low power consumption. But the truth is different, the source from which he drew (the same as my is faked by Nvidia itself). Kepler has no PhysX block, and its performance is great against Tahiti everywhere - not in games from RG, the performance is still true what I said long ago, an absolute 7970 killer ...

PS. This is last Kepler info here till some chinese real leaks, with spec ... but i can tell you, REAL specs are floating web ... but you have to find them ... :) Closest to truth is this table: http://www.chiphell.com/thread-338350-1-1.html but not 100 percents! But very close!

Update: Lenzfire specs are total bullshit, someone from Lenzfire heard any right info, but 99 percent from published spec are BS :)
everything confirmed now :)

Text from 02/04/2012: only in Czech language, most important info is, More CUDAs then GTX 590, brand new architecture, no hotclocks, 256-bit mem bus, 2GB framebuffer, low power consuption, only 6+6 pin psu plugs, small and effective GPU, good price, performance above HD 7970 ... everything right! Before two months!

Text from 02/12/2012 "Gamers" Kepler architecture chip GK104 (photoshoped by someone from GF1xx core, but shows the real chip setup). 4x GPC, 16x SM blocks with 96 Stream processors. Total count of SP/CC is 1536. 128 TMUs, 32 RBEs, 16x Tesselators. PS. ive heard something about launch next month, last week. .. right specs and launch date, with wrong GPC/SM clusters info

Text from 03/05/2012: Charlie Demerjian knows nothing about Kepler, just speculating from his own ass. no 12.th launch, everything on SA was bullshit again ... i was right.