neděle, 25. března 2012

Best Oced Radeon HD 7970 Lightning vs reference GeForce GTX 680, GeForce wins!

Finest Radeon HD 7970 on the market, highest clock, best VRM, great features, this is MSI HD 7970 Lightning. Factory clocked 1070/5700 MHz. Better cooler, unlocked BIOS (no PowerTune), special GPU Reactor caps card. This card looks really cool ... but ...

Againts that MSI monster we have here pure reference design of GeForce GTX 680 from Asus. Clocked 1006/1100 GPU Boost and 6 GHz memories. Which is better in overclocking/performance? Results ...

GeForce GTX 680, no voltage tweaks, only ocing out of the box: 1250/6400 MHz ...

MSI Radeon HD 7970, no voltage tweaks, only ocing out of the box: 1200/7000 MHz

GeForce GTX 680 at max, 1.18V - 1325/6600 MHz

MSI Radeon HD 7970 Lightning on max, 1.35V - 1300/7600 MHz

Score/Performance is +/- the same. BUT, Radeon is noisy as HELL with Power consuption with 1.35V (whole PC) 546W in that benchmark. GeForce GTX 680 with cheapo reference cooler is colder and still silent card. Power Consuption of GTX 680 at 1.18V (whole PC) is only 383W!!!. GeForce is winner here, the same performce with 163W better power consuption ... when reference GTX 680 better then best HD 7970 on market, imagine GTX 680 Lightning with better VRM ... will be absolute monster.

Setup: Core i7-3930K (4,7 GHz), Asus Rampage IV Extreme, 8GB DDR3-2400 MHz CL10, Antec 1200W, Catalyst 12.3, GeForce 300.99