středa, 1. února 2012

Semiaccurate is absolutely wrong about Kepler ... and LenzFire too!

Charlie Demerjian knows nothing about Kepler, just speculating. In essence, copied the information from my blog. I first talked about the problems with PCIe 3.0. I talked about the new PhysX feature, a small core with low power consumption. But the truth is different, the source from which he drew (the same as my is faked by Nvidia itself). Kepler has no PhysX block, and its performance is great against Tahiti everywhere - not in games from RG, the performance is still true what I said long ago, an absolute 7970 killer ...

PS. This is last Kepler info here till some chinese real leaks, with spec ... but i can tell you, REAL specs are floating web ... but you have to find them ... :) Closest to truth is this table: but not 100 percents! But very close!

Update: Lenzfire specs are total bullshit, someone from Lenzfire heard any right info, but 99 percent from published spec are BS :)