pondělí, 27. února 2012

Nvidia extends his lead in the market for discrete graphics solutions

The market researcher Jon Peddie have around parallel to the already well-known figures of the entire graphics market, even the results published for purely discrete solutions, which are virtually the only Nvidia and AMD present. There is a very different picture than the overall market.

Well 16 million discrete graphics cards were sold in the fourth quarter of 2011, slightly less than in the third quarter of that year, when there were 17.2 million units well. On an annualized basis have been well sold 68 million units, of which only accounts for about 3 million copies on the enthusiast segment, are located in the graphics card beyond the 300-dollar mark. Only workstation graphics solutions are sold less, but there the average selling price is again significantly higher (more than U.S. $ 400 per card).

Nvidia is still in the market of discrete graphics cards, the largest group. You could even set in the last quarter of 2011, again by 3.7 percent, with a share of 63.4 compared to 36.3 percent of the largest competitor, AMD, almost in a two-thirds majority. Not only towards the last quarter, and year on year, the Group of Santa Clara is better than ever since. The details are as follows:

Source: JPR, XS forum