neděle, 12. února 2012

GK104 chip scheme against GF110/GF114 scheme ...

Fermi architecture chip, GF100/110. 4x GP, 16x SM blocks with 32 Stream processors. Total Stream processors/CUDA cores 512. 64 TMUs, 48 RBEs, 16x Tesselators.

"Gamers" Fermi GF114. 2x GPC, 8x SM blocks with 48 Stream processors. Total SP/CC count 386. 64 TMUs, 32 RBEs, 8x Tesselators.

"Gamers" Kepler architecture chip GK104 (photoshoped by someone from GF1xx core, but shows the real chip setup). 4x GPC, 16x SM blocks with 96 Stream processors. Total count of SP/CC is 1536. 128 TMUs, 32 RBEs, 16x Tesselators.

PS. ive heard something about launch next month, last week.