neděle, 26. února 2012

Exclusive: LocidLogix Virtu MVP tested!

You may know LucidLogix wants to launch new Virtu Universal for Intel and AMD and Virtu MVP. This technology has been already announced several months ago, but on the market will be in April with Ivy Bridge launch. We show you if it works and some exclusive pictures ... But, first read this Anandtech article about Virtu MVP!

Control Panel

Virtu Lineup, Green, Universal and MVP

New Feature - HyperFormance

Real measurement shows the increase in benchmark performance with Virtu enabled up to 42 percent. It looks good, but if you read an article on Anandtech, you know that probably did not increase the fps really but only virtually. Although we get rid of input lag, but the real fps value remained the same, Virtu to system only reports a higher fps, it's a little deception. But input lag is lower, its good.

PS. For MVP you need compatible motherboard with right license in BIOS! Without this certificate in BIOS/UEFI is not possible to install it and run it.

Source: HWBOT, Anandtech, LucidLogix, web