neděle, 22. ledna 2012

GK110 photos are FAKEs ... and some details of Kepler

(Fake picture above) Around the web is now circulating pictures alleged GK110 chip, they're all fakes. No GK110 exists now and will not be long time (summer?), the first Kepler will be a small chip with tremendous power. The first card with Kepler literally crush the Radeon HD 7970, including the OC version! Kepler is not tuned Fermi but a completely new architecture with lots of changes, but you'll see in two months. Do not buy slow Radeon with Tahiti chip now (for that prices), Kepler is completely decimate them and worth the wait, Radeons will be really cheap in April. As I said long ago, middle-class kepler GeForce card easily kills the high-end HD 7970. Really looking forward to April, mainly on the faces of people in AMD :)

PS. Previously published specifications of GK104 here are complete bullshit :) :) Enjoy your day, as me :) First real leaks will be after the end of Chinese New Year celebration, stay tuned ...