úterý, 17. ledna 2012

Exclusive: (UPDATED) Info about Nvidia Kepler

GeForce (Kepler) will be launched in April. In February, will be launched only new cheap GeForce GTX 560. The first cards based on Kepler architecture are GeForce 600 not 700! Who's talking about launching in February, is wrong, this info is based on the old roadmap (from July). According to the last one is launch in April. According the old one, launch was supposed for january/february, now is planned for april.

First VGA based on Kepler - launch April. Performance is unbelievable, this is a new G80. HD 7970 is like a toy against this VGA. Not an updated Fermi but brand new, unseen architecture with many news features. Wait for it, dont buy that Tahiti crap :) You will see soon! Sampling to manufacturers is starting ...